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Credit Union Membership
Although actually not a fee, a refundable* $25.00 deposit into a Share (Savings) account is required to maintain your membership with the credit union. 

* If this account is closed within one year of the open date a $15.00 charge is accessed.

Checking Accounts

 Account Balancing fee   $20.00 per hour
 Account Research fee   $20.00 per hour
 Additional Statement Copy fee   $3.00 + tax
 Deposited Item Return fee   $10.00
 Check Copy fee   $3.00 per item + tax
 Overdraft and Transfer fee for Checks   $10.00 per day of overdraft and transfer + tax
 Overdraft & Clearing fee for Checks & Debit Card   $30.00 per item
 Returned Item fee   $30.00 per item
 Stop Payment fee   $20.00 + tax per request
 Check Printing fee   Price vary depending upon style
Overdraft & Transfer Fee for Debit Card   $3.00 per item

Account Fees

Account Maintenance fee $2.00 per month
(unless you maintain a combined balance of $200 in all accounts)
Wire Transfer (outgoing) fee $20.00
Wire Transfer (incoming) fee
Money Order fee $3.00 per item
Returned Mail fee
$1.00 per item (unless a change of address is on file)

Debit Card and Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Eight (8) ATM transactions per month without a charge.

Monthly fee Free
Card Fee Free.    * $10.00 Replacement card


Transaction fee $1.00 + tax per transaction after 8 ATM transactions in a one month period
Overdraft & Transfer Fee for Debit Card $3.00 per item + tax

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